Mission Statement

Supporting outreach and missions globally

We believe the best way to fulfil this calling is to connect with the church communities, encouraging them to make it a priority to focus on enhancing and unlocking talents within congregations, to motivate those who have been idle or unsure to get active.

“Supporting outreach and missions globally”

Our goal is to raise the profile of outreach and missions encouraging individuals to get involved in work designed to alleviate suffering, relieve poverty, and improve the quality of lives for people globally. Our goal is to see the love of God demonstrated through action and through service to others.

Our long-term goal for the Foundation is to be self-sufficient and self-financing.  We aim to build a solid financial foundation that supports the work being undertaken. In order to accomplish this we will;

  • raise money and build a Mission Fund,
  • promote and support outreach/mission work in the UK and overseas,
  • provide training to individuals and organisations, equipping them for missions.

Our goal is provide a platform for Christians and non-believers to work side by side. To re-open channels of communication in a way that shows that as Christians we do rather than just say

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