Shai Missons Update – Spring 2013

Our work continues in Haiti and we are about to launch our child sponsorship programme. The children in the villages of Haiti experience extreme poverty, many go hungry daily many suffer from ill health.

During our trip last November 2012, where we partnered with Hope Force International to build homes, paint homes, teach in schools, distribute food and run a medical clinic,  our medical team treated a number of children who were malnourished and suffering from related complaints. For the mission trips 2013 we want to run the medical clinic again. In order to do that we need people from the medical profession; doctors, dentist, pediatricians to join us.  We also need teachers, construction professionals and anyone with a heart to serve.
For the Child Sponsorship Programme, our home building programme  and other ongoing work in Haiti, we have partnered with  Haitian organisation Church of God by Faith.The senior pastors, Pastor Joseph and Pastor Samuel Metelus, over a period of some 40 years have planted 24 churches and six schools around Haiti. They are doing great work and we want to support that. Their dream is to raise up the next generation of Haitians to be educated, Jesus followers who know they can make a difference in their country.
If you would like to attend the launch next month, go on a mission trip to Haiti this year or get involved and support the Foundation, please email me with your details and we can register your interest. Send your name and and contact details to or simply register your interest on the website.
In terms of getting involved, getting involved; The work of the Foundation is expanding and we need people to join the executive management committee. If committees are not for you, you might want to be a ‘supporter’ and be available to help when we have events.
I’ve attached a sample of the children we have registered for the programme. Some of you may already be sponsoring children, some of you may not be interested in sponsoring, my hope is that many of you will be interested and join us on the day.

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