Fulfilling the Vision

Many people who are not Christians have a heart to give and serve others. We open our arm to those who don’t know Christ because together we accept each other’s differences whilst impacting on the lives of those less fortunate.

The Bible tells us that ‘we shall be known by the fruits of our labour’. The way we reach out to others can demonstrate the love of God in us all. Identify what your gifts, talents and abilities are and kick them into action.

Christians are messengers of Christ. Our message should be positive and one of hope. We continue to trust God for mercy and blessings upon our nations as we witness daily the destruction taking place globally.  We believe God has great plans for Shai Foundation and we invite people to catch the vision. Shai Foundation is still in its developmental stage and we are encouraging people to join us to carry this very important assignment forward.


The training is aimed at people with a heart for missions, equipping and empowering them to reach out where they didn’t realise they could.

Training aimed to equip individuals for missions will be provided through our ‘Reach Out’ programme. We aim to develop two programmes.

  1. Reach out programme for Volunteers
  2. Jesus in Blue Jeans (Reach out programme for Youth People)

The purpose of the training is to help people identify gifts and talents that can be utilised to help others. Training provided by Shai Foundation will be targeted at those individuals who wish to be better equipped for mission work. The provision of training is also part of our fund-raising strategy.