“ministering God’s gift of love”

Shai is a Hebrew word meaning ‘gift’. Shai Foundation is a charity managed by a group of UK based ministers and committed Christians. The Foundation is built on the Holy Spirit inspired vision to create a solid financial foundation on which Kingdom ministries can stand. The vision was given to the founder one afternoon while reflecting. God speaks to us through visions; the Prophet Habakkuk exhorts us to, "Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it."

Purpose and Function

Shai Foundation’s primary function is to set up a Fund to enable Christians to develop ministries that are of an outreach nature thus taking the church out of the building and into communities to serve, also to under take mission trips overseas, enabling the Great Commission to be fulfilled, (witnessing for the Lord, sharing the word of God, healing the sick and broken-hearted and relieving poverty).

The Foundation aims to inspire Christians to reach out to their communities and make a difference. We are saying not just "church as usual" The building is not the church, we are. Many of us are already engage in outreach work, it's an assignment for all of us. Lets get amongst our neighbours and demonstrate the glory of God on us by our kindness and love, not our judgment. Shai Foundation aims to develop a Fund so that as people identify ministries that are innovative, outreach in nature or about missions overseas, will will be able to support them with funding. The strategy for building a strong financial base is "give God Five" again a spirit led vision to encourage people to give a minimum of £5 regularly and collectively we can support each other. In addition we are developing training workshops to equip the saints with tools for ministry..

Mission Statement

“Supporting the development of Ministries globally”

Campaign Strategy (Give God Five)

Donors are asked for just £5 and a commitment to encourage others to give £5 also, You can give regularly or one off donations. Shai Foundation also welcomes larger donation. Our current campaign is “Give God Five for Haiti”.


Mission Trip to Haiti 2012


Cheques can be sent to Room 8, 5 Blackhorse Lane, Walthamstow, London, E17 6DS
or pay direct via paypal by clicking the 'Donate' button

Join Us

If you are interested in the work of the Foundation and would like to get involved in some way or join us as a committee member, then email info@shaifoundation.org

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