Get Involved

There are a number of ways you can get involved with Shai Foundation. If you have a heart to make a difference, a heart to give or an interest in outreach, you can support us in the following way;

  • join the committee as a member
  • sponsor a child
  • join us on our mission trips
  • join as a supporter to help organise events or raise funds
  • if you have usable skills you can volunteer a few hours a week
  • you can spread the word and let others know  about what we are doing
  • donate money or goods

For more information, or if you want to discuss what you can do to help us, contact us  at

To make a one-off donation, or if you want to commit to donating on a long-term basis, visit our donate page.


Shai Foundation is interested in partnering with Individuals and organisations. We invite you to partner with us and lend a hand where possible by becoming a committee member or a supporter.

Our Partners

Hope Force International

Shai Foundation partnered with Hope Force, a USA charity based in USA. For our mission trip in 2012

Gennex Solar Engineer Training

Shai Foundation have partnered with solar energy company Gennex Elite to launch enterprise programmes in the poorest regions of Haiti through business start-ups and micro finance schemes. The Gennex team is headed up by Directors Nathaniel Peat and Dowa Ojarikre. The programmes involve training and small business initiatives.  Gennex generously donated lanterns to the Glory Glory orphanage in 2013. The team plans to introduce solar energy to the region and train local people to become engineers.

Strickly Roots (Wales)

Shai Foundation have partnered with Strickly Roots, which headed up by Hilary Brown. Based in Barry, Wales, Hilary and her team will recruit volunteers including a team of builders to join our mission in Haiti.