Shai Foundation was established in 2010 by Jennifer Lapompe who was given the vision from God in 2009, shortly after she was ordained.

‘Shai’ is the Hebrew word meaning ‘gift’. The Foundation is built on the Holy Spirit inspired vision to create a solid financial base on which Kingdom outreach ministries can stand. The vision was given to Jennifer one afternoon whilst she was reflecting on the fact that it is often the same few people that give financially when there is a call to support outreach and mission work globally. This was on the back of a call at a meeting the previous day to support a mission trip to Uganda. Jennifer heard that “small voice” speak and say “do something about it”. God speaks to us and lays visions on our heart.

The Testimony

Having found a name for the Foundation, the Founder searched various sites for weeks including Company House and the Charity Commission to ensure that the name wasn’t being used already. As she was about to publish that initial name she was prompted to do another search only to find that three days previously someone in Pakistan had registered the same name that she had intended. After embarking on a search to find another name for the Foundation, and not finding anything, the task was handed over to the Holy Spirit (HS). Just before Jennifer awoke one morning the name “Shai” appeared in a vision lit up in bright lights at the top of a very large building. It resembled Piccadilly Circus. What was visible was the letters SHAI with the end blurred out. Jennifer knew instinctively that this was the name given. A name search revealed no similar name existing, Shai Foundation was birthed and the rest, as they say, is history…

Another Testimony

The strategy for building the Fund is to simply mobilise the masses to give, starting with a small donation of £5. Hence the slogan; ‘Give God Five’ A strategy given to the founder in 2009 whilst praying for breakthrough for a friend and her family.

Whilst meditating on the vision and contemplating the best way to raise funds, the HS reminded the Founder that back in 2009 she was given a ‘word’ about how to raise funds. This was whilst seeking God for a breakthrough for her friend. The friend was experiencing financial challenges with her business at the time. There were also other challenges faced by a member of the friend’s family.

The HS instructed that the friend should receive £5 from that family member and multiply it by receiving £5 from others. The friend was to share the ‘word’ given, thus releasing the faith of God and inspiring others to give £5 also. The friend shared the ’word’ with her clients and others, as the instructions were heard, people gave their £5. By being obedient, the friend and her family received an unusual breakthrough shortly afterwards. Her clients also came back to share unexpected breakthroughs.

Shai Foundation is a vision, rather than a personal desire. Jennifer felt the Spirit prompting her to use the idea of an individual donating a small amount, and encouraging those around them to do the same. In so doing, creating a fellowship where testimonies are shared and at the same time raise money to expand the ministry.

‘Shai’ is the Hebrew word for ‘gift’. The calling was to find those people with gifts and hidden talents for serving through outreach work and missions.

Shai Foundation aims to provide a network of support where individuals can train their potential and then share their gift with others. As God speaks into one-person’s life and their passion for giving is passed on, a community of givers is created and the knowledge of God’s gift of love is multiplied globally.